• Condorra – Game Update 1


    Hello and welcome to the first update of Condorra, a game inspired by old school 2D RPGs like Final Fantasy. We will have these updates every other week showing the changes made.

    This week I have been mostly working on improving the in-game editor:

    • You can now rename objects
    • Top- and Bottom Layers can now be edited *
    • Ability to change the look of an object from the editor
    • Added Scripting Function Log() will output to the game-console
    • Added HTML Api so that you can edit/create DOM elements at runtime
      This allowed to add a textarea for scripting purposes (see screenshot).
    • Maps can now loaded via the LoadMap Button

    Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 18.16.22


    * Internally there are 4 Layers to represent the game world. How these work in detail will be the topic of a future article.

    1. Terrain Layer: the ground, like grass, sand and water
    2. Bottom Layers: below Hero and NPCs
    3. Top Layers: above Hero and NPCs
    4. Collision Layer: indicates whether a tile can be walked on or not

    That’s all news for this week. If you want to hear about development news you can subscribe via RSS or follow us on Twitter.