So here is a short progress update of the last 2 weeks:

  • Reworked Battle mechanics
  • Enemy now decide their action based on their script: basically this lays the foundation of interesting enemies as each can have their own behavior and created quickly
  • The Map-Editor has been greatly improved, lots of things have been automated. E.g. before there were extra layers below the hero, and on top. This meant you had to manually place the parts you wanted drawn on top the hero on an extra layer. Now when you place a tree for example, the editor automatically figures out which tiles go on the layers on top of the hero. This is a huge time/sanity saver.
  • Tiles can now block access from certain directions instead of binary passable/non-passable
  • Added scripting functions to allow for teleporting the hero to different maps. You can specify transition parameters as well.
  • Started creating maps: the worldmap, a town and a dungeon

the improved map editor


I spent a lot of time on internal technical stuff as well, so hopefully I can now create more on the content side of things. If you want to stay up to date you can subscribe via RSS or follow @frameland on twitter.