It’s been a few weeks since the last update. So here is what has changed since Update 3.

A Brand New Battle System

Yes, the counter-based battle system was completely scrapped. The counter idea just didn’t work out the way we thought it would. In it’s place there is now a system where the direction you enter battle from plays a major role (enemies walk on the map):


  • Most enemies will have strong & weak sides
    e.g. If you attack an enemy on his weak side it could deal double damage.
  • Also weapons, skills & items are affected by the direction of battle.
  • Turn Order is now similar to Final Fantasy X.
    This allows you to see who’s turn it is next and plan ahead (based on your actions)

The Search For A Graphical Style

Sebastian has been busy finding a graphical style that fits our vision of Condorra. Our inspirations range from the old Final Fantasies, A Link to The Past to Evoland and even older NES games. We haven’t yet been able to find a consistent style that fits enemies, heroes and the environment.

Here are 4 different styles of characters Sebastian has made:

© frameland 2016

© frameland 2016


So before we had an implementation of Autotiles that was kind of OK. I knew I wasn’t totally satisfied with it so I looked for a way to make them look better. Another goal was that they couldn’t be too time consuming to make. In the first version we needed 16 Tiles for every Autotile. Now we only need 6 and they look way better.


old autotile

New Goodness

new autotiles rpg maker style

If you look closely you can see that the first version has no corners at the intersections. This makes a pretty big difference in perceived quality. For anyone interested to program this themselves, here is an article on the inner workings of autotiles in RPG Maker (which my implementation is based on).

About The Difficulty Of Unification

We have also been thinking a lot about the setting, theme, characters, story and how that all relates to the battle system, the finding of items and exploring. This is one of reasons we have difficulties finding a graphical style as all parts are interconnected. We think it’s important that a game fits together as a cohesive unit. It should be as if this world you are creating could actually exist on it’s own.