Hello, this is Game Update #6 for Condorra.
Condorra is an old school 2D-RPG with a direction based battle system.

Finished the first Dungeon

So finally we are moving more into creating the actual maps. We experimented a long time until we felt the look to be right. Once we had that settled it was actually pretty fast to create the maps. We normally start by laying out the terrain, then fill it with details (flowers, stones on the ground, etc.). The next part was placing enemies which is trickier than you think because in Condorra, the battle can take place in 4 directions. Here is a screen showing the start and end-areas of the first map respectively:


starting area


a mysterious statue at the end of the first map

Battle System Changes

You can now see the battle direction in the top left corner at all times. This is because all abilities/attacks are affected by it, so it’s pretty important. The other big change is that abilities now consume Ability Points (AP). Normal attacks and items are free to use. Instead of the flee command you now can defend/skip a turn. Don’t worry, there are still ways to flee from battle.


The next post will focus more on battles.

Concept Art

The first area will have 3 normal enemies and 1 Boss. Sebastian always sketches them out so we can quickly decide if we like the direction.

sketches by Sebastian

sketches of the turtle and hornet enemies


Editor Improvements

Improving our own editor has been an ongoing process. While it sure is more work we can exactly define how we want to work. One such thing that always bothered me was that I didn’t really know what the player sees when I am in the editor (because the editor allows me to see more of the map). Sure I could always switch into the game and then go back to the editor but that was really cumbersome. So now I have this checkbox that darkens everything the player won’t see:

the rectangle in the middle represents the player.

the rectangle in the middle represents the player.

Notice how I can immediately see what the player will see when he enters the map. In this case I want him to see there is a chest to the left, he just can’t reach it yet. While this overlay is toggled on I can still use the editor normally and edit the map.

Next time we will focus more on battles, in particular the first boss battle. To not miss any news on Condorra be sure to follow us on twitter @frameland.