These past few month have been incredibly productive. I refined existing mechanics and added lots of little details. As a result the game feels much more “game like” than before. Graphics wise we have got 3 areas nearly covered, the worldmap is basically done and system graphics like textboxes have also been improved.

No random battles

I prototyped several ideas about how you enter battle, including: random, fixed positioned enemies, Wild Arms/Velsarbor style “!”, an encounter gauge where you enter battle when it’s full and some more.
I finally settled on a map enemy with swarm like behavior. They can guard chokepoints/items, partol an area, etc. The point is that they are an active game element that can influence the routes you take.

Early prototype of swarm AI where they appear out of nowhere (you can now see them before they charge you.

As a bonus the swarm nicely fits our theme and story.

The new battle system (again)

This is the 3rd battle system I made. The previous one was good in itself, but didn’t play nicely with maps and required huge amounts of work for the graphics (a minimum of 16 frames per enemy). As there are going to be quite a lot of enemies, this turned out to be just too much work. Now we have reverted to a classical turn-based sideview system on a separate screen. Don’t worry though, it’s not classical in the sense you will just mash the attack button.

Battles are still turn based, you can take as much time as you want. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I will just say that Items are going to be a very important resource. In other games you can get by not using any items at all (Final Fantasy). This will not be case here.


Some areas are going to get really dark. So dark you can’t actually see anything. But you are lucky to have a companion with a pair of night vision eyes. You will be able to toggle to night vision at any point. They are primarily useful in dark areas though.

A new graphics artist joining in

A few month back Sebastian and I came to the conclusion that we need another person helping with the graphics. An RPG needs lots of tiles, sprites, pictures and more. Doing that all by yourself is a pretty huge task, especially when you are a studying as well.
Luckily we have found Jason, who has been just fantastic to work with. I found him by reading a gamedev article on his website (which are really good btw). Since then the project has progressed at a much higher pace.

One of Jasons tilesets in action

Final Notes & more pics

Also, we have an announcement coming up in a few weeks.
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the worldmap

weapon shop interface

passing tunnels